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Medical AI scribe that streamlines your practice for more time, greater value.

  • Transforms conversations to organised medical notes.

  • Cuts down your paperwork.

  • Reduces administrative burden.

  • Saves you up to 2 hours per day


mindfully designed by doctors who

understand daily
practice struggles

aim precise and reliable healthcare tools

support better
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MEDILIT offers intuitive interface

Intuitive user interface,
easy to use and customisable

MEDILIT generates high quality outputs

High quality output, reliable
and premium service

MEDILIT is compatible with electronic medical records

Seamlessly compatible
with EMR softwares


How MediLit works

MEDILIT is intuitive and easy to work
MEDILIT AI Scribe is fast and efficient

MediLit offers a comprehensive
solution to your needs

MEDILIT streamlines your practice
  • Consultation Notes

  • Progress Notes

  • Referral and Hand-over Letters

  • Discharge Summaries

  • Management Plans ( CDM, MHP, EDM, CVC )

  • Medical Reports ( WC, DVA, etc.)

Unlock efficiency on-the-go
MediLit puts time back in your hands
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  • It blends with the rhythm of your practice.

  • Access anytime, anywhere

  • Seamlessly transfer records between your devices

  • Intuitively designed to be easily used on small screens

MEDILIT is accessible anytime, anywhere

A pledge to your professional trust

  • End-to-end encryption ensures complete security

  • Full anonymisation to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality

  • Temporary and secure data handling, all processed locally

MEDILIT doesn't store audio files - All data protected by encryption

Audio files are encrypted
and never stored

MEDILIT process all data locally

All data processing
are done locally

MEDILIT is compliant with security and privacy Standards

Compliant with security
and privacy standards

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  • Purpose-built AI for healthcare

  • Trustworthy AI development

  • Empowering doctor-led decisions


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About Us

At MediILit, we recognise the dedication and intricacies of medical practitioners, and our vision is crystallised into a single imperative: to revolutionise the daily experience of doctors with intelligent, empathetic technology. We're driven by a deep respect for medical professionals whose tireless work often goes uncelebrated and aim to be the silent partner that amplifies their care.Born from the collective wisdom of physicians in Australia and New Zealand and engineered in concert with specialists in healthcare AI, MediLit is a testament to collaboration. Our platform converges precision, reliability, and user-centric design to offer an unparalleled experience, ensuring each feature resonates with the pulse of your practice.We understand that the strength of healthcare lies in connection — connection to patients, to colleagues, and to the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology. MediLit exists to champion this connection, fostering a more engaged, focused, and prosperous environment for all healthcare providers.By embodying these principles, MediLit doesn't just serve the healthcare community — it evolves with it, creating an ecosystem where excellence in care is the natural outcome of excellence in support. This is where the art of medicine is celebrated.

Frequent Asked Questions

MEDILIT is an innovative healthcare tool designed to simplify medical note management and enhance patient care for healthcare professionals in Australia. In a healthcare landscape influenced by factors such as population growth (1.6%), ageing (0.2%), an increase in the number of visits per person (1.7%), and the growing complexity of GP consultations with increased duration (1.2%), MEDILIT offers a vital solution. It provides concise, organised summaries of patient conversations, helping save time, improve communication, and enhance patient outcomes. With MEDILIT, healthcare professionals can efficiently manage the rising demands of their practice and maintain the highest standard of care.

MEDILIT is designed to be highly adaptable to the unique needs of your medical practice.

- Content Control:

You can include or exclude specific information in the summaries, giving you control over the content.

- Templates and Preferences:

MEDILIT provides templates and customization preferences, helping you structure summaries in your preferred format and workflow.

- Keyword Highlighting:

You can highlight crucial keywords or phrases within the summaries for easy identification of critical information. You can retrieve and use these information later for audits or to help with practice accreditation.

MEDILIT plays a crucial role in enhancing patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans by providing patients with clear, concise summaries of their medical discussions. These summaries serve as valuable tools in the patient's healthcare journey. Here's how MEDILIT achieves this:

- Clear Communication:

The concise summaries generated by MEDILIT help patients better understand their medical discussions with healthcare professionals. This clarity fosters effective communication between patients and providers.

- Patient Instructions:

MEDILIT allows for the inclusion of patient instructions and consultation summary notes in the summaries. This means that patients receive practical guidance and a clear record of their treatment plans, which can be uploaded at the end of each visit. This approach makes My Health Records more accessible and meaningful.

- Patients:

With MEDILIT, patients have access to their own detailed and meaningful health records. This empowers them to take a more active role in managing their health and making informed decisions.

- Adherence:

When patients have a comprehensive and accessible record of their healthcare interactions, they are more likely to adhere to treatment plans and recommendations. This leads to improved health outcomes.

Yes, MEDILIT is fully committed to compliance with Australian healthcare regulations and stringent privacy standards, ensuring the utmost security and privacy of patient information. Our dedication to compliance encompasses several key aspects:

- Privacy Act 1988 (Cth):

MEDILIT operates in strict accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). This means that all patient information, from collection to storage and usage, is handled with the utmost care and adherence to the principles outlined in our Privacy Policy.

- Health Records and Information Privacy Act:

Our platform aligns with the Health Records and Information Privacy Act, which mandates the secure maintenance of health records for the required retention periods. We take this responsibility seriously, ensuring that practitioners have a secure platform to manage patient information.

- Surveillance Devices Act:

MEDILIT respects the principles of the Surveillance Devices Act. In cases where consultations are recorded for the purpose of transcription into medical notes, we ensure that all parties involved, whether expressly or impliedly, provide their consent for the recording. This ensures compliance and ethical use of recorded data.

- Electronic Transactions Act:

MEDILIT leverages the Electronic Transactions Act to enable the secure maintenance of medical notes by electronic means. This accessibility ensures that healthcare professionals have convenient and reliable access to their patient information.

MEDILIT is now only available in English. It utilises cutting-edge automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology for audio processing. Our speech-to-text capability is designed to effectively transcribe diverse accents.

Absolutely! Upon signing up, MEDILIT offers free plan, allowing you to experience the benefits of our product firsthand. This gives you a full week to assess its suitability for your practice before making any commitment.

MEDILIT is suitable for use in all medical specialties. We try our best to make your experience with MEDILIT as intuitive as possible for your speciality.

Yes, MEDILIT offers competitive pricing options and packages tailored to the specific needs of healthcare professionals in Australia. We are committed to making MEDILIT accessible to all healthcare professionals, including those in training, as they navigate the demanding path of their medical education.

Our pricing structure includes multiple tiers based on the number of consultations, ensuring flexibility and affordability for healthcare professionals at different stages of their careers. For detailed pricing information, please visit our website or contact our sales team.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or need more assistance.


Productivity and Burnout

Sustaining the Pulse: Navigating Productivity and Well-being in Australian Primary Healthcare.
General practices are the most frequented healthcare services in Australia, with nearly 85 percent of individuals consulting a general practitioner (GP) each year. Amazingly, over 95 percent of these patients consistently visit the same practice, cementing the general practice as a critical fixture in ...

Addressing Non-Billable Work

Non-billable work, consisting of administrative tasks and patient care coordination outside of face-to-face consultations, poses a significant burden on the productivity of Australian General Practitioners (GPs). This article aims to shed light on the effects of non-billable work on GP productivity in Australia and propose three major solutions, with a specific focus on the potential of automation through generative AI, to ...

Streamline Your Medical Practice with MediLit

In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, doctors and allied health professionals in Australia face an increasing burden of administrative tasks, particularly when it comes to Medicare-related paperwork. The time-consuming process of generating medical notes ...

The Privacy Act 1988

MediLit takes a best practice, proactive approach to privacy and data security, ensuring full compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). Privacy is the core tenet underlying all operations.

Privacy is a top priority for MediLit when handling de-identified data.
They take a 'best practice' approach with regular monitoring, updating and evaluating of ...

Computerised History Taking: A Key Driver in Improving Clinical Decision Making and Patient Care

In the increasingly demanding landscape of healthcare, the accuracy and completeness of a patient's medical history are crucial for effective clinical decision-making and avoiding diagnostic errors. Despite its importance, the traditional method of physician-acquired ...

Ambient AI Scribes: Revolutionising Clinical Documentation and Enhancing Healthcare Delivery

The increasing complexity of clinical documentation within electronic medical records (EMR) has been identified as a significant contributor to clinician burnout, negatively impacting the quality of patient care and the physician-patient relationship. In response to this challenge, The Permanent Medical Group (TPMG) implemented ambient artificial intelligence (AI) scribe ...

The Shifting Sands of Rural GP Policy: From Miscalculation to Scramble Mode

The leadership of Australia's Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) plays a vital role in shaping the landscape of general practice, particularly regarding International Medical Graduates (IMGs). However, the College's recent policy shifts on IMGs raise concerns about consistency and long-term effectiveness in addressing workforce shortages ...

Transforming Australian Healthcare: The Power of AI Scribes

Guardians of Accuracy: AI Scribes Pave the Way for Better Outcomes
Equipped with artificial intelligence, AI scribes play a vital role in ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the Australian healthcare sector. Their capability for precise real-time capture of patient data leads to faster diagnoses and improved treatment protocols, thereby significantly enhancing patient outcomes. A recent study published in the BMC Medical Education journal highlights the potential of AI-powered ...

Streamline Your Medical Practice with MediLit:
Alleviating the Burden of Medicare Paperwork

3 min read

IntroductionIn today's fast-paced healthcare environment, doctors and allied health professionals in Australia face an increasing burden of administrative tasks, particularly when it comes to Medicare-related paperwork. The time-consuming process of generating medical notes, completing GPMPs (General Practitioner Management Plans), GPMHCPs (General Practitioner Mental Health Care Plans), CVCs (Chronic Disease Management plans), referral letters, and various certificates can lead to burnout and hinder the delivery of quality patient care. Fortunately, there is a solution – MediLit.

The Burnout Epidemic
According to recent studies conducted by leading Australian medical associations, such as the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), excessive paperwork is one of the primary causes contributing to physician burnout. In fact, 65% of doctors reported feeling overwhelmed by administrative tasks associated with Medicare claims processing alone.

Introducing MediLit
MediLit is an innovative AI-powered platform designed specifically for healthcare professionals in Australia. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamline medical note generation and automate tedious paperwork processes related to GPMPs, GPMHCPs, CVCs, referral letters, work cover certificates, Centrelink certificates, and DVA-related documentation.

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals
1. Time-saving Efficiency:
By automating repetitive administrative tasks through intelligent algorithms,Melit significantly reduces the time spent on generating medical notes and completing paperwork. This allows doctors more time for their core responsibilities, providing exceptional patient care.
2. Increased Revenue Potential:
With its ability to optimise billing codes based on clinical documentation inputs , MediLit ensures accurate claim submissions which can potentially increase revenue streams for healthcare practices.
3.Work-Life Balance:
By alleviating physicians' burdensome workload associated with paperwork,Melit helps restore work-life balance. Healthcare professionals can now focus on their personal interests and spend more quality time with family and friends.
4. Data-driven Insights:
MediLit provides valuable analytics and reporting features, allowing healthcare professionals to gain insights into patient demographics, disease prevalence, treatment outcomes, and billing patterns. These data-driven insights enable informed decision-making for improved practice management.

Medilit is revolutionizing the way doctors and allied health professionals manage Medicare-related paperwork in Australia. By leveraging AI technology, this platform offers a comprehensive solution that not only reduces administrative burdens but also enhances efficiency, increases revenue potential,and improves work-life balance. Join the growing community of healthcare professionals who have embraced MediLit to streamline their medical practices while delivering exceptional patient care.

MediLit acknowledges the expertise of healthcare professionals in providing quality care to patients. Our platform aims to support these efforts by simplifying administrative tasks; however, it does not replace professional judgment or clinical decision-making processes.

Addressing Non-Billable Work
and Enhancing GP Productivity in Australia

3 min read

The Potential of Automation through Generative AI

IntroductionNon-billable work, consisting of administrative tasks and patient care coordination outside of face-to-face consultations, poses a significant burden on the productivity of Australian General Practitioners (GPs). This article aims to shed light on the effects of non-billable work on GP productivity in Australia and propose three major solutions, with a specific focus on the potential of automation through generative AI, to help alleviate this burden.

Effects of Non-Billable Work on GP Productivity1. Time and Resource Constraints:
GPs spend a significant portion of their time on non-billable work, estimated at around 20%. This reduces the time available for direct patient care, potentially impacting timely access to healthcare services and practice revenue.
2. Administrative Burden:
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) acknowledges the administrative workload as a missed opportunity for over 14 million face-to-face consultations annually. Additionally, high administrative burdens are linked to lower job satisfaction among physicians and the likelihood of considering seeing fewer patients in the future.
3. Variances with Practice and Practitioner Characteristics:
Limited information exists regarding the variations in non-billable work among Australian GPs based on practice and practitioner characteristics. Understanding these variances is crucial in tailoring effective solutions.

Proposed Solutions
1. Automation through Generative AI:
Implementing automation solutions powered by generative AI technology can significantly reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. AI-powered systems can automate paperwork, data entry, appointment scheduling, and even assist in care coordination, allowing GPs to focus more on direct patient care.
2. Electronic Health Record (EHR) Optimisation:
Enhancing the functionality and efficiency of EHR systems can streamline documentation processes and improve information management. AI algorithms can help extract and categorise relevant patient data, saving GPs time and enhancing overall productivity.
3. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots:
Introducing virtual assistants and chatbots can provide support in administrative tasks, appointment management, and patient communication. AI-powered chatbots can handle routine inquiries and provide information, freeing up GPs' time and improving patient experience.

The Potential of Automation through Generative AI
Automation using generative AI holds immense potential in relieving GPs from non-billable work burdens and enhancing productivity. By leveraging AI algorithms, natural language processing, and machine learning, generative AI systems can analyse vast amounts of data, automate complex administrative tasks, and support GPs in decision-making processes.Benefits of automation through generative AI include increased accuracy, accelerated data processing, reduced human error, and improved patient outcomes. GPs can optimize their time and focus on clinical care, leading to higher job satisfaction and enhanced patient experience.

Productivity and Burnout

3 min read

General practices are the most frequented healthcare services in Australia, with nearly 85 percent of individuals consulting a general practitioner (GP) each year. Amazingly, over 95 percent of these patients consistently visit the same practice, cementing the general practice as a critical fixture in the landscape of Australian healthcare. Despite being heavily utilised and supported by research emphasising the need for a well-funded general practice sector, such services account for a major 7.7 percent of total government health expenditure.The underfunding issue is further exacerbated by the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS), which consistently undervalues proper GP services amid inadequate indexation and a rigid consultation item structure.

Central to the discourse presented in the sixth annual report (Health of a nation, RACGP, Nov2023) is a theme that resonates across the field: the sustainability of general practice. Amidst increasing pressures such as unmanageable workloads and administrative burdens, coupled with inadequate remuneration, the sustainability of this sector hangs in the balance. The sheer intensity of these stressors has prompted an alarming trend; more general practitioners including emerging talents from younger cohorts are scaling back their hours, with some contemplating early retirement, thereby expediting the onset of a predicted shortage in the general practice workforce.Burnout, illustrative of the immense strain on individuals, is a phenomenon reported by an overwhelming 73% of general practitioners within the past year alone, signaling a wake-up call to address their well-being and to safeguard the future of primary healthcare delivery. Foremost among the concerns raised is the burgeoning challenge of managing clinical workloads, a stress factor that, for the first time, supersedes the challenge of managing income— and is intricately linked with navigating the ever-tightening labyrinth of regulatory changes.
Indeed, nearly half of surveyed GPs have conceded that the financial model underpinning their practice is unsustainable, with many opting to bulk bill out of consideration for their patients' affordability, despite personal financial detriment. Moreover, compliance with Medicare concerns and the complexity attached to it have been reported to substantially divert time from patient care, fostering a climate of apprehension and caution which may inadvertently hinder the provision of services due to fears of compliance repercussions.
It is somewhat concerning that government funding has not aligned proportionately with the vital role general practices play. Current funding levels may leave one with the impression that health authorities are content to lean heavily on the intrinsic sense of duty that has long characterised the medical profession.While general practices are under pressure, a window of opportunity is open to reinvent and reinvigorate the system. Let’s start a meaningful dialogue and drive the innovation needed in healthcare. Connect, contribute, and let's navigate towards a smarter, sustainable future in Australian healthcare together.

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Effective Date: October 10, 2023

This Subscriber Agreement (the "Agreement") is established between MediLit Pty Ltd., an entity incorporated under the laws of Australia ("MediLit"), and the party accepting the terms herein, whether an individual or organisation (referred to as "Customer"). This Agreement becomes binding and effective on the earliest occurrence of: (a) Customer's acceptance by clicking a button indicating agreement; (b) execution by Customer of a Service Order or similar document that references or incorporates this Agreement; or (c) initiation of use by Customer of MediLit's services ("Service"). If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of an organisation, you affirm your authority to bind said organisation to these terms.

1.1 “Affiliate” refers to any current or future entity that exercises control over, is controlled by, or is under common management with another entity. For clarity within this definition, 'control' and its related forms signify the direct or indirect possession of authority to govern the strategic decisions and policies of an entity through ownership interests such as voting securities, contractual agreements, or other means.1.2 “MediLit Application(s)” encompasses proprietary software applications developed for medical documentation purposes provided via mobile platforms and/or websites owned by MediLit. This includes all associated modules, functionalities relevant thereto made accessible to Customers and their Authorised Users along with supporting technological resources. The term also covers updates, enhancements, corrections, derivative works and modifications thereof.1.3 “Authorised User” denotes any individual whom Customer has formally authorised in writing for access to Services pursuant to a Service Order from MediLit. Such individuals must be either employees; students engaged in medical studies; volunteers; healthcare professionals including nurses and physicians affiliated with Customer; representatives from third-party entities providing services for Customer who have agreed contractually not compete with MediLit nor disclose confidential information beyond what Section 4 outlines regarding Confidentiality and Security within this Agreement; plus any additional parties mutually agreed upon in writing between both parties involved.1.4 “Business Associate Agreement” (“BAA”) signifies a specific agreement governing creation, usage maintenance disclosure Protected Health Information defined Australian Privacy Act 1988 which hereby incorporated reference within context present document.1.5 “Customer Data” comprises data records materials files content Intellectual Property Rights belonging customer uploaded transmitted received generated stored behalf customer provided accessible customer under terms present agreement.1.6 “Customer Materials” include equipment software programs other materials supplied customer enable provision service MediLit’s end.1.7 "Documentation" pertains to all instructional material hard copy digital format detailing capabilities operation Services inclusive but not limited Notebuilder Platform associated software used conjunction Services subject amendments updates discretion MediLit time-to-time basis.

2.1 Service Provision: MediLit agrees to provide the Customer and its end users with access to the Services, including MediLit Applications and Documentation, on a non-exclusive and non-transferable basis in line with the terms of any applicable Service Order, this Agreement, and accompanying Product Schedules. MediLit reserves the right to enhance or modify features of the Services and MediLit Applications as long as such changes do not materially diminish their primary functionality.2.2 Execution of Service Orders: Each Service Order that explicitly references this Agreement forms an integral part of it, subject to its conditions herein contained. Should Customers wish to utilise additional Services or increase limits on Authorised Users or other metrics specified in initial or subsequent Service Orders, both parties must execute a new Service Order for such adjustments. Pricing for increased units will be determined according to annual price escalation rights outlined in relevant Service Orders.2.3 Implementation Assistance: As detailed within each specific Product Schedule and/or Service Order, MediLit shall furnish implementation services designed to facilitate effective use of the Services by Customer.2.4 Access Rights & Usage Terms: The responsibility lies with the Customer for securing internet connectivity necessary for accessing MediLit Application(s). Procedures may be established by MediLit detailing how Customers can gain access through various means including but not limited to passwords, websites standards protocols etc., all which are provided under a limited usage licence consistent with stipulations set forth across related documents forming part agreement.2.5 Usage Restrictions: The scope of permitted use is strictly confined within bounds set by this Agreement; no direct or indirect attempts should be made by Customer at disrupting service operations nor gaining unauthorised system network access connected thereto (except as required for legitimate application usage). Prohibited actions include copying, modifying creating derivative works from any portion services applications documentation selling renting leasing, lending sublicensing, distributing transferring aforementioned items, third party decompiling disassembling reverse engineering associated software developing based upon confidential information provided Augmedix without prior consent among others listed herein.2.6 Responsibilities Incumbent Upon Customer: To ensure smooth delivery services per agreement terms customer must extend cooperation providing necessary information facilities equipment reasonably requested MediLity also assist personnel when needed fulfil obligations promptly carry out duties assigned under contract failure comply could result adjustments launch dates corresponding service orders accommodate delays incurred due lack performance customer’s side.

3.1 Ownership of Services: The proprietary rights to the Services, including MediLit Applications, Notebuilder Platform, Usage Data, Documentation and any related software or enhancements thereof remain exclusively with MediLit or its licensors where applicable. Any improvements or modifications made to these elements are also under the sole ownership of MediLit.3.2 Customer Data and Materials: All rights, titles and interests in Customer Data and Customer Materials belong unequivocally to the Customer or their respective licensors. Notwithstanding this ownership, Customer grants MediLit permission to utilise such materials solely for the purpose of delivering and refining the Services as well as fulfilling obligations outlined within this Agreement.3.3 Handling of Usage Data: It is acknowledged by both parties that MediLit may monitor, collect usage statistics for business purposes which include but are not limited to enhancing functionality across services provided by them while ensuring operational efficiency remains intact at all times without disclosing any information publicly that could potentially identify sources from whence it came unless required otherwise by law.3.4 Feedback Contributions: Should there be any suggestions feedback recommendations etc., offered up voluntarily by customer regarding service offerings from MediLity they hereby grant an irrevocable non-exclusive worldwide perpetual royalty-free licence allowing company use copy modify create derivative works based upon said intellectual property freely without restriction whatsoever.

4.1 Definition of Confidential Information: In the course of this Agreement, both parties may be privy to information that is confidential and proprietary to the other party ("Confidential Information"). This encompasses technical data, strategic business details, client specifics, non-public financials, pricing structures, methodologies, trade secrets, technological innovations and product plans. It also includes relationships with third parties and internal information about employees or affiliates. MediLit's Confidential Information notably comprises the Services themselves along with associated software and Documentation. Customer Data is recognized as the Confidential Information of the Customer.4.2 Exclusions from Confidentiality: The term "Confidential Information" does not include any data or knowledge that (a) becomes part of public domain without breach by receiving party; (b) was in lawful possession prior to disclosure; (c) is rightfully received from a third-party free of confidentiality obligations; or (d) is independently developed without reference to disclosed Confidential Information.4.3 Obligations Regarding Use and Disclosure: Each party agrees not to disclose any aspect of the other’s Confidential Information nor use it for purposes outside those explicitly permitted within this Agreement. Both parties commit to taking all reasonable measures necessary to protect each other's Confidential Information from unauthorised access or distribution by their respective personnel or agents.4.4 Remedies for Breach: Recognizing that improper handling of Confidential Information could cause irreparable harm for which monetary damages might not suffice as a remedy, injunctive relief may be sought by an aggrieved party in addition to any other legal remedies available.4.5 Security Measures: MediLit shall maintain a robust security program designed appropriately for safeguarding Customer Data against unauthorised access or breaches consistent with industry standards.

5.1 Protection of Patient Information: The parties acknowledge their respective duties in safeguarding Protected Health Information as defined under the Australian Privacy Act 1988, which may be disclosed by Customer to MediLit or created by MediLit on behalf of Customer pursuant to a Service Order. Both parties commit to executing and adhering to the terms of an appropriate Business Associate Agreement concerning such information.5.2 Use of Protected Health Information: Despite any other provision within this Agreement, Customer grants MediLit an irrevocable licence to (a) utilise de-identified data derived from Customer's Protected Health Information for lawful purposes including but not limited to research and analytics; and (b) perform Data Aggregation services that contribute towards the health care operations of the Customer. Such de-identified data remains exclusively owned by MediLit and may be used without limitation.

6.1 Payment of Fees: In exchange for the provision of Services, Customer is obligated to remit payment to MediLit as specified in the applicable Service Order and outlined within this Agreement.6.2 Reimbursement of Expenses: Should any expenses be incurred by MediLit as described in a Service Order, Customer shall reimburse MediLit for all reasonable and actual costs associated with delivering the Services, including but not limited to travel, accommodation, and shipping expenses ("Expenses").6.3 Billing and Settlement Terms: MediLit will issue invoices to Customer covering Fees, Expenses, and any relevant Taxes as delineated in each Service Order. All payments are due in Australian dollars unless otherwise agreed upon. Each invoice must be settled by the Customer within thirty (30) days from its date of issuance unless disputed in good faith. Overdue amounts will accrue interest at a rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month or the maximum permitted by law calculated from the due date until full payment is received by MediLit.6.4 Automated Payments: By entering into this Agreement, Customer consents to automated debits via an established Automated Clearing House (ACH) system for fulfilling financial obligations under this Agreement.6.5 Subscription Renewals: Subscriptions automatically renew on either an annual or monthly basis depending on the original terms set forth within the Subscription agreement ("Renewal Date"). Unless notified prior to renewal that services are no longer required or adjustments need to be made; fees applicable for renewal periods will be charged accordingly.6.6 Tax Responsibility: All Fees stated exclude government-imposed taxes unless explicitly included within a Service Order ("Taxes"). It is incumbent upon the Customer to settle all Taxes arising from transactions under this Agreement except where exempted by providing valid proof recognised by tax authorities.

7.1 Agreement Term: This Agreement commences on the Effective Date and remains in force until all Service Orders under this Agreement have expired or been terminated.7.2 Termination for Breach: Either party may terminate this Agreement with written notice if the other party materially violates any term of this Agreement and fails to rectify said breach within thirty (30) days following receipt of written notification specifying the infringement, except that payment defaults must be remedied within five (5) business days.7.3 Post-Termination Procedures: Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement or a specific Service Order, Customer's right to access and use the Services ceases immediately. The Customer must discontinue all usage of Services and return any materials provided by MediLit related to those Services. Each party is required to return any Confidential Information belonging to the other party upon termination of this Agreement, unless legally mandated otherwise.7.4 Continuation of Certain Provisions: Notwithstanding termination or expiration, certain obligations will persist beyond such events including but not limited to definitions, restrictions on use, proprietary rights acknowledgments, confidentiality commitments, indemnification responsibilities, limitations on liability as well as general terms that by their nature are intended to survive such cessation.

8. WARRANTIES AND ASSURANCES8.1 Mutual Representations: Each party affirms that it possesses the full legal authority to enter into this Agreement and to fulfil its obligations herein. Furthermore, both parties guarantee that the execution, delivery, and performance of this Agreement do not conflict with any other agreements or obligations to which they are bound.8.2 Service Quality Guarantee by MediLit: MediLit assures that the Services will perform in accordance with their described functionality as set out in each Product Schedule related to the Service Order and will be delivered competently and professionally. Should there be a failure to meet these standards, Customer's exclusive remedy shall be for MediLit to re-perform the deficient Services at no additional cost.8.3 Customer Warranties: The Customer warrants that it holds rightful ownership or has obtained all necessary licences for any data provided within the scope of this Agreement and ensures compliance by Authorised Users with all terms herein; responsibility for any breach by an Authorised User rests with Customer.8.4 Disclaimer of Additional Warranties: Except as expressly stated within Sections 8.1 and 8.2 above, MediLit disclaims all other warranties whether express or implied regarding the Services including but not limited to uninterrupted use, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third-party rights.

9.1 Customer's Indemnification Obligations: The Customer agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless MediLit, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents from any third-party claims or actions arising out of the Customer's gross negligence or willful misconduct in connection with the Services; unauthorised use of the Services by the Customer or Authorised Users; or any breach by the Customer of this Agreement.9.2 MediLit's Indemnification Obligations: MediLit shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Customer against any third-party claims that arise due to MediLit’s gross negligence or willful misconduct while providing Services; a material breach by MediLit of its obligations under this Agreement; or allegations that the Services infringe upon intellectual property rights of others (excluding circumstances outlined as Indemnity Exclusions).9.3 Procedures for Claim Management: The indemnifying party’s duty is activated upon receiving prompt written notice from the indemnified party regarding a claim. The indemnifying party will have sole control over defence and settlement negotiations provided that it does not impose additional obligations on nor limit rights under this Agreement for the indemnified party without their express consent.9.4 Limitation on Liability: This Section 9 outlines comprehensive terms for mutual protection against legal liabilities but excludes instances where an underlying claim results from either Party’s violation of this Agreement or arises from their own negligent acts.

Under no circumstances shall either party be held liable to the other for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from this Agreement, including but not limited to loss of revenue, anticipated profits or lost business. This limitation applies regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable and whether a party has been advised of the possibility of such damages.Furthermore, each party's total cumulative liability in connection with this Agreement will not exceed the total amount paid by Customer to MediLit within the twelve (12) month period preceding the incident giving rise to any claim.
It is expressly understood that these limitations will not apply to liabilities resulting from gross negligence, fraud or intentional misconduct by either party nor where law prohibits such limitations.

The parties herein acknowledge that the limitations, disclaimers of warranties, and exclusions of liability outlined in this Agreement have been actively negotiated and reflect a mutual understanding based on the perceived level of risk associated with their respective obligations under this contract.It is recognized by both parties that provisions limiting liability, disclaiming warranties or excluding certain damages are to be regarded as separate and independent terms and shall remain valid even if other remedies fail to serve their essential purpose.
Both MediLit and Customer agree that all such limitations of liability and disclaimers are reasonable in light of the benefits received under this Agreement.

12.1 Governing Law: The laws of Australia, without giving effect to any principles that provide for the application of the law of another jurisdiction, shall govern this Agreement and all related disputes or legal proceedings.12.2 Publicity Rights: Customer consents to MediLit's use of its name, logo, and any provided testimonials in promotional materials. Additionally, MediLit may publicly acknowledge the existence of a business relationship between the parties.12.3 Waiver: No waiver by either party of any breach or condition of this Agreement will act as a waiver of any subsequent breach or condition.12.4 Notice Requirements: All formal communications under this Agreement must be in writing and will be considered given when sent via email or five (5) days after being sent by registered mail with proof of delivery.12.5 Severability: If any provision is found unenforceable or invalid, such finding does not affect the remainder of this Agreement which will continue in full force and effect.12.6 Force Majeure: Neither party shall be liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond their reasonable control; however, they must notify each other promptly and resume performance promptly once conditions permit.12.7 Compliance with Laws: Both parties agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding their obligations under this Agreement.12.8 Relationship Status: This Agreement does not create a partnership, joint venture nor an agency relationship between MediLit and Customer.12.9 Assignment Restrictions: Neither party may assign this agreement without prior written consent from the other unless due to a change in control like merger or acquisition whereupon notice should be provided to the non-assigning party.12.10 Amendments Procedure: Any amendments made by MediLit to these terms will be communicated through updates on its website with significant changes notified at least twenty (20) days before taking effect; continued use after such date constitutes acceptance thereof.12.11 Entire Agreement: This Agreement, inclusive of its attachments, applicable Product Schedules and Service Orders, constitutes the complete and exclusive statement of understanding between the parties. It supersedes all prior agreements or communications regarding the subject matter herein.12.12 Non-Exclusive Remedies: The pursuit by either party of any remedy under this Agreement shall not preclude other remedies under this contract or as allowed by law.12.13 Equitable Relief: Both parties acknowledge that certain breaches of this Agreement may cause irreparable harm for which monetary damages would be insufficient. Therefore, each party reserves the right to seek equitable relief, including injunctions and specific performance as appropriate, in addition to any other remedies provided hereunder or available at law.12.14 No Third-Party Beneficiaries: This Agreement is intended solely for the benefit of MediLit and Customer and does not confer any rights or benefits on any third-party entities unless explicitly stated within this document.12.15 Headings for Convenience Only: The headings used throughout this document are intended solely for convenience and have no legal significance in interpreting provisions.


MediLit values your privacy. This Privacy Statement explains what kind of personal information we may collect from visitors on this website and why we collect it. It also describes how we protect your personal information and provides contact details if you have any questions.

MediLit is an Australian healthcare service provider that offers technology solutions to doctors and other clinicians. With adherence to the Privacy Act 1988, our operations ensure utmost protection of personal information. As a Business Associate operating under Australian legislation, MediLit operates within the regulatory framework outlined by the Privacy Act 1988, which sets forth comprehensive provisions for safeguarding personal information in our country. This Privacy Statement serves to elucidate the precise privacy practices and protections applicable to the collection of personal information through our online platform operating within Australia.

By voluntarily submitting personal information through our website, it is important to recognize that the Privacy Act 1988 governs the handling and protection of such information. For instance, our web form allows individuals to submit inquiries regarding business opportunities or request product updates. This form captures personal information, including name, address, email address, and any other details provided by users. Additionally, contacting us through email via the website entails the disclosure of personal information such as name, email address, and any supplementary information provided. However, we kindly request that no confidential information be transmitted through our website.In addition to this, registered users of our healthcare services may access a password-protected portal on our website for technical support and administrative purposes. The information collected through this portal is strictly utilised for communication pertaining to administrative matters and technical support. We may employ data aggregation and anonymisation techniques for enhancing our services. However, it is important to note that users are forbidden from transmitting protected health information (PHI) through this administrative and support portal, as per the guidelines of the Privacy Act 1988.

No personal information is collected from website visitors unless explicitly provided by them. If you contact us with inquiries or express interest in receiving MediLit updates, we may respond to your queries and occasionally provide news relating to company developments and product updates. If you do not wish to receive any further publications or emails, please inform us via email at The personal information collected through our website is exclusively used for purposes consistent with the reasons for which it was provided.

Non-personal web usage information about visitors to our website is collected. This may include details about your browser type, geographic location, IP address, and the pages visited. Furthermore, we may utilise cookies, web beacons, and/or third-party web analytic tools to analyse website traffic.Cookies are small text files or data that your web browser places on your hard drive to store information, enabling websites to recognise whether a particular computer or device has previously visited the site. Cookies facilitate tracking online patterns and preferences, resulting in personalised web experiences. Your browser settings may be adjusted to remove or block cookies. Web beacons, on the other hand, are graphics embedded on web pages or within emails, collecting non-personal web log information about pages visited or emails opened. Web analytics services record non-personal data such as browser type, operating system, visit date and time, referrer information, pages visited on our website, time spent viewing the site, destination page upon leaving our website, and return visits to the site.We may aggregate this non-personally identifiable data to improve our understanding of how visitors employ our site and aid in the management, maintenance, and reporting of website usage. Additionally, we may store IP addresses to detect and prevent fraud.

If you provide personal information to us through our website, it may be shared with service providers assisting us in technology or communications management. These service providers are contractually obligated to utilise or disclose personal information solely for the purpose of rendering services on our behalf or to comply with legal requirements. We do not share personal information about individuals with third parties for marketing purposes.In the event that we sell or transfer all or a portion of our business or assets, personal information may be disclosed as part of the transaction. In such cases, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to mandate the recipient to handle the information in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Furthermore, information about individuals may be disclosed if mandated by law, subpoena, court order, legal process, law enforcement or other government authorities, or if disclosure is deemed necessary or appropriate to prevent serious physical harm or in connection with an investigation of illegal or fraudulent activity.

MediLit is deeply committed to maintaining the security of personal information. We employ appropriate administrative, technical, and physical security measures designed to safeguard personal information against loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. When sharing personal information with third-party service providers, we contractually require them to implement adequate security measures for its protection.

In alignment with the Australian Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme within the Privacy Act 1988, MediLit has established a Data Breach Response Plan to effectively manage and mitigate the potential impacts of data breaches.
Upon identification or suspicion of a data breach, we are committed to:
Containment and Assessment: We will immediately take steps to limit any unauthorised access or distribution of the affected personal information and thoroughly assess the scope and implications of the breach.
Notification: Should the breach pose a risk of serious harm to the individuals affected, we will notify those individuals without undue delay. Furthermore, we shall also report the occurrence to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) in accordance with the legislative requirements.Evaluation and Response: Our team will investigate the cause of the breach and assess the effectiveness of our response. We shall take the necessary action to rectify any identified weaknesses in our data protection measures and prevent recurrence.Documentation: Each breach will be recorded, along with the steps taken to manage and resolve it. This documentation will help in complying with legal obligations and improving future breach responses.
Communication: Clear communication channels are established to ensure that internal staff and affected individuals are informed appropriately about the data breach and remedial actions.
MediLit is committed to continuously improving our security protocols and training our staff to recognise and respond to data breaches promptly and effectively.

MediLit is committed to the responsible handling and secure storage of personal information collected through our services. Our Data Storage Policy reflects this commitment and adheres to Australian data sovereignty requirements.
Local Data Storage: To comply with Australian privacy legislation and ensure the security of personal information, all data collected by MediLit is initially stored on servers located within Australia's borders. Our data handling practices are designed to ensure that personal information is kept securely within the jurisdiction, thus subject to Australian privacy laws and protections.
Protection Measures: We employ rigorously tested security protocols to guard against unauthorised access, use, alteration, and destruction of personal information stored on our servers. These include advanced encryption, firewall protection, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits.Retention Policies: Consistent with the Privacy Act 1988 and other relevant laws, MediLit retains personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, and to satisfy any legal, regulatory, tax, accounting, or reporting requirements. Upon expiration of the necessary retention period, personal data is securely deleted or anonymized.Access Controls: Only authorised personnel have access to personal information stored within our systems. We ensure that such access is granted strictly on a 'need-to-know' basis and is governed by confidentiality agreements.Third-Party Providers: In cases where we engage third-party service providers, we mandate through contractual measures that any personal information they handle on our behalf is managed in line with our own stringent security standards and the Australian privacy regulations.
Transfers and Cloud Storage: Should there be a need to transfer data outside Australian borders, such as cloud storage or processing, MediLit will take steps to ensure that the transfer is secure and compliant with Australian privacy laws and international data transfer standards. We will also monitor the data protection regulations of the destination country to ensure ongoing compliance.

To further align with global standards and ensure comprehensive protection of health information for users who may fall under the jurisdiction of the United States healthcare system, MediLit hereby incorporates the following HIPAA Compliance Addendum into its Privacy Statement. This addendum addresses specific requirements as mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, particularly for Protected Health Information (PHI) that may be accessed, processed, or stored by MediLit in providing services to covered entities or their business associates.Designation of HIPAA Compliance Officer
MediLit has designated personnel as the HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining our privacy policies and procedures to comply with HIPAA regulation. MediLit’s HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer will also oversee all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, maintenance of, and adherence to the organisation’s policies and procedures covering the privacy and security of PHI. For any inquired regarding this addendum or our practices around handling protected health information in accordance with HIPAA regulations please contact us via email at
Implementation of Safeguards
MediLit commits to implementing appropriate safeguards to prevent unauthorised access to PHI. These safeguards include:
• Administrative Safeguards: Establishing internal policies and procedures designed to manage the selection, development, implementation, and maintenance of security measures to protect electronic PHI (ePHI). Regular training programs for all employees regarding handling ePHI are also included.• Physical Safeguards: Implementing physical measures to protect electronic systems, equipment, and data against unauthorised intrusion when stored on-premises.• Technical Safeguards: Utilising technology solutions that ensure ePHI is transmitted securely across open networks and ensuring that ePHI is not improperly altered or destroyed. Our technical safeguards include encryption methods during data transmission over networks deemed insecure.Risk Assessment & Management
MediLit will conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI it handles. Following these assessments, we will implement security measures sufficient in reducing these risks to a reasonable and appropriate level.
Breach Notification Protocol
In compliance with HIPAA's Breach Notification Rule, MediLit has established a breach notification protocol aimed at promptly identifying any breaches involving unsecured PHI. Affected individuals will be notified without unreasonable delay but no later than 60 days from breach discovery. Notifications will include details recommended by HIPAA guidelines.
- Training & Awareness
All staff members at MediLit who have access to PHI undergo mandatory HIPAA training upon hiring and annually thereafter. This training ensures awareness about how PHI should be handled securely according to HIPAA standards.
Documentation & Record Retention
MediLit maintains documentation of its privacy practices as required by HIPAA regulations including but not limited to risk assessments reports, policy updates records; employee training logs; incident response logs; business associate agreements (BAAs), etc., for six years from their date of creation or last effective date whichever is later.
This addendum serves as part of our commitment towards ensuring full compliance with applicable laws including those relating specifically towards safeguarding protected health information under HIPAA while delivering quality services globally including within jurisdictions like Australia where we primarily operate under local laws such as Privacy Act 1988.For questions or concerns regarding this addendum or our practices around handling protected health information in accordance with HIPAA regulations please contact us via email at

For the sake of convenience and information, we may provide links to other websites. However, please bear in mind that we do not manage these websites and are not responsible for their privacy practices or content. Should you have any queries concerning their practices, we recommend directly contacting the respective websites.

Our website is intended for adult use. Children under the age of 18 are prohibited from submitting any personal information to us online.

Personal information may be transferred to our offices or service providers located in different countries, including jurisdictions that Australian privacy laws have not deemed "adequate."

If you wish to access or modify any of the information submitted to us through our website, please contact us via email at

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Statement at any time. In the event of an update, we will post the new effective date below. Changes made to this Privacy Statement typically involve editorial modifications or reflect alterations to the services we provide. In the unlikely scenario that significant changes are made, thereby enabling broader sharing of online personal information, this will be prominently announced on our website.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer's hard drive by your web browser. When you access MediLit, our server will access these cookies so that it can recognize your computer, and make your experience with MediLit smoother. For instance, cookies enable us to remember your Username and Password, saving you from having to re-enter them each time you visit MediLit.
Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can modify your browser settings to give you the option to decline cookies or to be alerted each time a cookie is proposed to be added to your system. However, it's important to note that if you choose to disable cookies, you might not be able to fully utilise some of the features on MediLit.

At MediLit, we acknowledge the significance of your feedback and treat privacy complaints within the health sector with utmost seriousness. Upon receipt of a written complaint pertaining to privacy matters, the Company will promptly initiate a diligent investigation and provide you with a comprehensive response outlini

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